Best 5 WordPress Hosting

If you are not, your website data may be compromised. Secure Connection with SSL Certificate But No Worries Today we are going to introduce you to the top five hosting providers which include free SSL.

Best 5 WordPress Hosting

Hi, there guys I’m Nahert. A managed WordPress hosting a platform on Google Cloud 10 How to Web, which includes all the services and features that a WordPress website can mean in this article First we’ll talk about an SSL.

We will discuss if the certificate is in the first place and why it is important, why it is better if your hosting provider offers one and then we will conclude with a comprehensive list of the five best WordPress hosting providers.

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Free SSL In WordPress

Get page speed scores and a free SSL, certificate, and guess what any credit card information is required, just follow the link in the description for this test drive and if you are more interested than the related WordPress.

Always keep your site informed as we post new articles almost every week. What it is like is an SSL anyway for the SSL secure socket layer which is a security protocol for encrypting the incoming information between a server and a browser.

What your old website does is establish a secure back-and-forth connection with your visitor’s browser. So if this connection is not secure, it is not encrypted making it very easy for hackers and third-party users to get this information.

If you encrypt your data using an SSL certificate, use it even if those people capture your data, they won’t be able to make sense of it unless they have a private key in the SSL certificate Ho adds another good layer of protection. Now your connection is very good.

best wordpress hosting

Why is it important to have an SSL certificate

One of the reasons your website is doing well is that a lot of browsers, these days automatically block websites that lack a secure connection, so if you don’t use the SSL certificate from a lot of your potential visitors readers And maybe clients won’t be able to open your web. All because the site will stop their browser.

To avoid this situation you need to enable HTTPS by adding SSL to your site. Another reason to get SSL is that Google prioritizes sites that have secure connections, meaning it is also good for your SEO OK. We have properly established the importance of SSL certificates but you may be wondering why you should go with hosting.

The provider that includes free SSL and you can’t just go and go somewhere else and edit and eventually why a hosting provider can join for free yes now you can encrypt the SSL certificate for free and do it yourself Can be installed.

Encrypt the SSL certificate

But it is quite a long process that you have to verify to download and configure some things and on top of that you have to remember to renew that certificate every 90 days, just another hassle you need in your life If not, there are hosting providers who give you paid SSL certificates.

Which can be quite expensive and pointless because the payers do almost exactly the same thing as encrypting those freebies so you definitely don’t want to waste your money on it.

best wordpress hosting

What is the difference between a paid and free certificate Does that provide you only with a free domain? Verification While paid people also provide extended and organization verification certificates providing additional layers of security, but of course, a free option is more than enough.

To have a secure website and ultimately there are hosting providers that not only give us SSL for free but also take care of the installments of the certificate and further renewal make it so easy for you so it makes more sense to choose Comes in.

Best WordPress VPS Hosting 2021

Now we move to the list of the best hosting providers that offer free SSL certifications with all their plans and the first course on our the list is 10Web as you can install 10Web’s simple intuitive dashboard and encrypt it for free. can do. don’t worry.

Any renewal will do it all by itself and this is the only certificate that comes with all of our plans, but it’s not the best thing about 10Web, here are the main benefits that this provider has with speed and uptime , Managed thanks to the partnership of 10Web on Google.